Pendants and lockets that are to be worn around the neck are common in memorial jewelry, and you can find these beautiful creations made of numerous materials including gold, silver and stainless steel. Many pieces of this beautiful jewelry are unique and made of glass and wood as well. Today, you can find memorial jewelry that is designed to honor a pet that was a beloved member of the family, and many people choose to use this jewelry in a display honoring their pet.

More people are turning toward cremation today than ever before, partly due to the fact that it is much more affordable than traditional burial, and due to the fact that people are more concerned about the environment. Keepsake cremation jewelry is the perfect way to keep a loved one in your mind and in your heart. The offerings you find today are striking in appearance and constructed of quality materials that last for many years. You may choose to place the jewelry inside the casket with your loved one if you do choose traditional burial.

Today’s memorial jewelry offers a spectacular array of designs so that you can choose a style that suits the tastes or preferences your loved one may have liked. From simple to elegant, you can find a theme or design to suit your needs. Whether you have lost a member of your family, pet or someone else who held your love, memorial jewelry is made to be worn, but most especially it is meant to comfort those of us who are left behind by giving us a connection to past memories.


Cremation jewelry is not only beautiful and lasting, it is the perfect way to keep the memories of a loved one who has departed alive forever.  No matter where you go, cremation jewelry allows you to take a small portion of your beloved along with you.  Often as life goes on, we move to a different location far away from where the cremains of a loved one may be buried or scattered; now, you can have them with you in heart and spirit always.

Depending on your personal preferences, cremation jewelry comes in styles and designs fashioned for any taste.  If you love elegance, you can find that in the piece you choose.  Religious symbols, animal figurines and even simply shaped memorial jewelry allows you to pick something that is perfect for your style tastes.  Today’s choices offer such beauty and elegance, those around you won’t realize that the jewelry you are wearing isn’t ordinary jewelry.

Another benefit of cremation jewelry is the wide assortment of materials it is made of.  Not everyone wants gold – some love silver, while others prefer glass, wood or stainless steel.  Some necklaces are made as lockets, so that you can place a small photo of your loved one inside, along with the keepsake memento you have chosen.  Cremation jewelry truly has special meaning.  At those times that everyone experience when they deeply miss their loved one who is gone, knowing that a part of them is so close offers comfort and peace.

If keeping a portion of the remains of a loved one who has gone on seems unsettling or morbid to you, cremation jewelry is useful for other mementos.  You may want to place a small amount of ground from the burial site inside, or even a lock of hair.  The decision is yours to make; whatever gives you a feeling of true peace and tranquility is the right choice for you.  Cremation keepsakes are made to memorialize a loved one, and help you go forward with the future while keeping the spirit and memory of your loved one alive in your heart and mind.

As time goes forth, cremation is becoming a choice of many people.  Not only is it a more affordable option which is important in this day and time, there are so many beautiful urns, jewelry and other memorials to choose from.  No longer do you have to live with the thought of your loved ones remains being placed in a square box.  Cremation jewelry and exquisite keepsake urns allow you to remember and celebrate your loved one with great beauty and style!

The bereavement of a loved love definitely takes its toll on the family and all those who were close to the deceased. One way to cope with the sudden loss of a loved one is planning for the entire funeral process. Memorial services are a time of opportune when close members of the family come together in joy and love mostly in remembrance of the loved one. Although it is a time of grieving it is one way of overcoming the loss and coming to terms with that someone not being around. Memorials play a very psychological effect on the mind of the family members and all those close. They are a great benefit to how we deal with loss.

Every funeral service no matter what religious and traditional procedures are carried out is of significant importance. Your grievance does not only include the loss of the loved one, but also arranging for the most memorable funeral service and sometimes these could be a financial let down. It is also a process where everyone’s wishes, the deceased as well as the survivors will have to be considered.

Usually as soon as close members and friends of the family learn of the bereavement they all gather at the deceased’s place to conduct the funeral process. This is one time where you will get to know of family traditions and wishes that need to be followed during the funeral. The deceased would have probably spoken of how they would like their funeral process to be and it is good if one learns of it. It is also a good opportunity where you can discuss in what religious style the funeral process should be carried out. How much the entire process will cost and how much the family can afford can also be learnt.

Funerals require you to make a decision if the deceased’s body needs to be buried or cremated (also in accordance to the deceased’s wishes if any was left behind). Decisions on if the ashes will be scattered need to be made. If there are any cremation urns that require to be ordered or custom made for family members, flowers, any kind of legal issues as well as funeral music need to be decided as well.

There will have to be a religious head that will have to conduct the funeral service. Although many prefer religious heads, they can also choose a family, friend or any of the funeral home personnel to conduct the service. For those who prefer to have a much traditional type of funeral service, choosing a religious leader is a much better option.

A eulogy is important, especially if you are looking to share some good memories of the deceased during the service, which is usually the case. These eulogies at funerals make the grieving process much easier. Close family members or friends are often chosen to give a eulogy, where usually experiences and memories along with the deceased are shared among those invited for a funeral service.

Placing an obituary in any of the local newspapers which usually make a formal invitation of those close to the deceased and also helps in declaring the time, place and date of the funeral is of utmost importance.

Finding the right words of sympathy to say in the event that a friend or a family member has lost a loved one is a difficult task to undertake. It is far too easy to end up saying the wrong thing, and when we do so, we might end up hurting and offending those whom we wished to comfort.

When your heart wants to reach out to someone whom you know is hurting because of the loss of a loved one, just how do you find the right words of sympathy to show that you share his or her loss? Here are a few pointers that can help you along.

1. Avoid clichés. A cliché is a phrase that is so overused that it has come to lose its meaning. When you attempt to give words of sympathy to someone who was bereaved, try to avoid saying phrases like “Time heals all wounds” or “I know how you feel” or “Life goes on.” These phrases are now seen as meaningless and come off as insincere.

2. Keep it simple. Most of the time, a simple phrase is enough to express to the bereaved that you share his or her loss. Simple phrases like “I’m sorry for your loss” are often enough to convey what you mean.

3. Share your happy memories of the departed. If you know the person who passed away, you can include in your words of sympathy a few stories and anecdotes about the departed with the ones he or she has left behind. In sharing your happy memories about the one who passed away, you have the power to ease the sadness and the loss that the others may be feeling.

4. Do not give unsolicited advice. One mistake that people make in giving words of sympathy is that they sometimes add pieces of advice about moving on without being asked for them. Those who were bereaved will deal with their grief in their own time and in their own way.

5. Make an open offer of help when needed. Instead of giving unsolicited advice, one thing you can do is to make an open offer of help to the bereaved. Offering your shoulder for the bereaved to cry on or your ear to listen to what he or she has to say whenever he or she needs it is a kind gesture that will be highly appreciated.

6. Consider a tribute or sympathy card. These are often very well written and it is a effective way a communicating your feelings by taking advantage of the card writer’s abilities.

Aside from offering your sympathy at a funeral, you can also try to listen with empathy with what they have to say. People who have experienced a great loss often try to process their loss by talking about it. You can listen with an emphatic ear to help them ease their pain.

Recent medical researches show that owning a pet has positive mental and physical effects on the pet owners. People who have developed emotional attachment to a pet are happier and healthier. Reportedly, caring for them, touching them, feeding them, talking to them, playing with them or even just watching them, relaxes, eases, relieves stress and makes the quality of life better. Further, it does not only decrease heart rate, but also lowers hypertensions. Owning a pet is found to be beneficial especially to people who are shy and withdrawn; it enables them to share feelings which they cannot express in normal situations. Talking to a pet about one’s troubles and sadness provides them the venue to ventilate their feelings, which is therapeutic. However, it is also this emotional attachment that makes grief over losing a pet a distressing human experience. While it is a source of relief from stress it is also the source of emotionally devastating grief. But like any experience of grief, it can be dealt with overtime.

Why is losing a pet a unique individual grief? The grief of losing a pet is unique to every pet owner. The grief experience could differ depending on some factors:

First, is the willingness of the person to work on this painful experience. It is natural to feel depressed and to grieve. But unfortunately, some would prefer to push the feeling away because of people around who devalue pet loss; their painful feeling experienced because of losing a pet is not appreciated and understood. When feelings are repressed, it takes a long time for healing to happen.

Second, is the person’s coping capacity to grieve. Some people refuses to accept the reality that his beloved pet will never come back and that he has to exist without him; they will experience difficulty coping with grief than those who tries to be strong and who find ways to learn to let go.

Third, is the person’s level of emotional attachment to the pet. The deeper is the emotional attachment with the pet, the more difficult the healing process will take place.

Fourth, are the circumstances that led to the pet loss. If losing the pet was sudden due to accident or similar mishap, the grief reaction would be more profound and intense. It will prolong the pet owner’s time to heal.

If the pet loss was due to a pet’s illness or old age, the time to be emotionally prepared for the anticipated loss will help the owner get over the ordeal in a short time.
It the pet loss occurred because of physical separation, the uncertainty as to what happened to the pet after it was lost and can’t be found, will cause some feeling of guilt and frustration and this as well shall prolong the healing.

The void, the feeling of emptiness and the hole created in the heart by the passing of one’s pet may never be filled up in a short while that one expects, pet replacement may not even be effective, but certainly it will never be good to allow the hurt to linger unresolved. A pet memorial can be an effective way to morn the loss. There are a number of ways to cope with a worst experience of losing a pet, but it is only you who can best decide which one is most effective. The way to cope is as unique as the way one experiences the grief.

Gold Memorial JewelryMemorial jewelry has not been around all that long, but has certainly increased in popularity in recent times.  Why do people buy memorial jewelry, and what do they use it for?  If this concept is new to you, we will explain the fascinating facts behind this exquisite jewelry, and how people use it in different ways.

Many people find it very hard, if not impossible, to cope after losing a loved one.  If the deceased chose to be cremated, memorial jewelry often helps them find closure, and cope with the death.  Since you can place a small portion of the cremains inside, many people get a feeling of peace knowing that a beloved family member or friend is nearby.  This can also be a comfort to those who are not comfortable with the idea of cremation.

Basketball KeepsakeFor those families who are comfortable with the cremation process, they often want to share the ashes with the entire family and have the majority of the ashes either buried or scattered. Memorial jewelry allows several family members or other loved ones to each have the one they loved so much close to their heart and soul.  Another wonderful thing about cremation keepsake jewelry is that it comes in a huge variety of designs and price ranges, so that anyone can find a beautiful memorial that suits their style taste and budget.

One use of memorial jewelry is truly unique.  Some people choose to place the jewelry on display in a glass dome, and use it as decor for their home.  In many instances, the jewelry may be taken out for a special occasion, such as an annual memorial ceremony or other event.  Others choose never to actually wear the cremation keepsake jewelry, but just to display it in a glass dome or other special container.

Still others purchase memorial jewelry for the purpose of placing it inside a burial urn with the ashes of a loved one.  It is simply a tribute from you to your loved one, and a wonderful memorial to the deceased.  From gold, silver and stainless steel to beautiful lockets and wood, you will find that cremation keepsake jewelry is not at all unattractive or ‘strange’ looking, but in fact is absolutely exquisite.

The wonderful thing about memorial jewelry is that you can find a style or design that represents the spirit, passions or personality of your beloved that has gone on – and that is a great comfort to many families.

Cremation JewelryFamilies of deceased loved ones whose remains have been cremated used to have only one option for storing the ashes – an urn. But today, people who literally wish to keep their loved ones with them at all times in a meaningful, artistic way can choose from a vast array of cremation jewelry. Also called keepsake jewelry or memorial jewelry, these unique accessories allow for the storage of a small amount of the deceased’s ashes inside a necklace, bracelet, or even a ring. Unlike the cremation urn, which generally remains in one place either as an outdoor monument or a decorative piece indoors on a bookshelf or mantle, cremation jewelry can be a much more visible tribute and keepsake since it can be worn daily and can go with the wearer no matter where he or she goes. It should be noted, though, that ashes aren’t the only things that people save inside of their memorial keepsake. Some put a tiny bit of the ground where the loved one was buried if the body was not cremated, others include a lock of hair, still others choose to capture crushed petals from a flower, and others select a small piece of fabric. More often than not, though, this specialized jewelry is used to hold cremated ashes.

There are so many wonderful memorial options when searching for the right piece of cremation jewelry. One popular choice is a silver pendant which can be worn on a chain or any other type of necklace. Although religious pendants like crosses, angels, or Stars of David are commonly chosen, a pendant could take nearly any form. Options include everything from nature images, like butterflies and four-leaf clovers, to more unique forms, like golf clubs and teddy bears. Since they can be made of nearly any material and can demonstrate just about any design, the possibilities are truly endless. Some cremation pendants come as lockets which include not only the deceased’s ashes but also a space for a small photo of the loved one. Additionally, most all of these pendants can be easily engraved with initials or dates.

Although far less commonly chosen than pendants for necklaces, cremation bracelets and rings are options as well. And like cremation pendants, bracelets and rings are made for and worn by both men and women. Similarly, they too can be made of several different materials whose containers can take on any number of different shapes and designs.

Wood KeepsakeDeceased persons aren’t the only ones whose remains can be memorialized and kept close at hand through necklaces, bracelets, or rings. Cremation jewelry is also available to preserve the memory and remains of beloved pets. Common choices for pet cremation jewelry are figures of dogs and cats, paw prints, and dog houses. Also, many of these often include a space to add a picture. Like creation jewelry designed to honor people who have died, those for deceased pets can take a variety of forms, be made from an assortment of different materials, and be engraved with initials or dates.

There are nearly unlimited choices available for cremation jewelry. Grieving families need not make decisions too quickly. Whether working with a funeral sales representative or studying the options by themselves online, families need to consider not only the size, shape, design, and materials available but also the cost. Cremation jewelry for both humans and pets range in price from the very affordable to the outrageously expensive, and careful research on all of the possibilities available is necessary for a decision that families will feel not only secure with but also comforted by into the future.

Many times when we think about customized urns we think of a name plate or some special token engraved on the urn. However, there is another type of customized urn that is a splendid way to convey the personality and message of a loved one, or, if we choose our urn during the pre-planning process for our funeral for ourselves.Custom Cremation Urn

Imagine the activities that your loved one loved to do. Maybe it was riding a motorcycle, perhaps it was fishing, camping, hiking, or some other activity that will remind you of that person each time you see someone doing that activity. Imagine the statement about the life a person has lived being created in a way that will hold their cremains in a durable and sturdy urn that will not become damaged over time.

Custom urns are created on a special order basis. They are designed to meet the needs of the person who has passed. Perhaps your loved one rode a motorcycle, you can view the many cremation urns that are shaped like the gas tank of a motorcycle and has a handcrafted base to support it. Perhaps your loved one was a fanatic about a certain sport. Imagine being able to have an exact replica of a football, soccer ball, or other piece of equipment created out of a durable material such as bronze, brass, pewter, or ceramic that looks just like that piece of equipment.

customized-urnsThese urns are created after the artist meets with you to decide exactly what you want. And, the urn can also have a name plate added or be engraved with information about your loved one. This exciting tribute is something that will be enjoyed by all of the family and friends of the deceased as they share favorite memories about the loved one at their favorite sporting event or activity.

Perhaps you are the type of person who has said throughout their life that they will “die with their boots on.” During your pre-planning meeting with an urn designer you can select the customized “boot” urn made from bronze, brass, or some other durable material that you want your cremains placed in and even add your own saying on a plate that is attached to the boot.

The artists who create custom urns use the techniques and methods necessary to make whatever material you choose for your customized urn look like the texture of the item that you want replicated. In addition, you can select any color that you wish for your customized urn and even add some other personal touches that will make it complete yours.

Urns for Ashes

Urns for Ashes

Many people find it somewhat difficult to buy a memorial for a loved one.  One reason is because of the many different styles and because of the traditional approach to memorializing a loved one.  During the process of purchasing an urn, it is important to consider the size of the receptacle. This article helps you determine how large your urn should be.

The size of a casket depends on the size of the body that will be held inside it.  This is similar for the cremation urn. The size of the urns for ashes you should get depends on the volume of cremated remains that will be placed in it.  Given that, how then should you determine the size of the cremation urn that you should get?

Measuring the Volume of the Ashes

The most common way to asses the size cremation urn that you need is to get the weight (in pounds) of the person before they were cremated. So if the person weighed 150 pounds when they passes, then you would need an urn that has a minimum of 150 cubic inches of space. There may be some deviations in this and I suggest you that you always choose a size that is a fraction larger.

If you are not sure or if you are splitting up the ashes, another way you can be sure of when it comes to getting a memorials for ashes of just the right size is to measure the volume of the ashes itself.  This can be a difficult thing to do; if you feel that you cannot handle this task by yourself, ask a friend or a relative to do this for you or assist.

When you receive your departed loved one’s cremated remains from the crematorium, it would come in a plastic bag that is usually marked with a coin on the top. This coin on the top was very important at the crematorium, because it was used to identify the cremated remains.

If you are not splitting up the ashes, it may be important to you to have an urn for the ashes that is the right size, So that the memorial is as fitting as possible. This may not be an issue for you at all. The memorial doesn’t really need to be the same size as the remains. But some people feel this is important and we encourage you to think about it before purchasing.

And if you are choosing to separate that ashes for a keepsake or memorial jewelry, its recommend to have one person separate the cremated remains at one time.

Space Allocations for Burial

If you are going to choose urns for ashes that will be displayed at home or in your garden, then you could go for as big an urn as you want.  However, if you are going to have the urn rest at a vault in a columbarium or bury it in a plot, you would need to know how much space will be allocated for your urn.  The space allocation is another factor that will help you decide what size of urns for ashes you should get.

Some columbaria have space enough for two urns per vault.  Some are big enough to hold four.  You should ask just how big the vaults are and how many urns do you intend to store in the vaults in the future in order to determine what size of urns for ashes you should buy.

Keepsake Jewelry

Keepsake Jewelry

At In the Light Urns, we offer many styles of jewelry including our stainless steel cremation jewelry collection.  When a loved one passes in to eternity, it is very hard on the remaining family members, and the grieving process takes time.  We offer beautiful keepsake jewelry that is not only durable, but very affordable as well. Many families find themselves without an abundance of money these days, and that is especially true when the deceased made no final arrangements prior to their death.

The stainless steel cremation jewelry offered here is the best you will find anywhere.  Sleek and stylish, all are backed by our 365 day guarantee, and come with a beautiful plush gift box, funnel and glue so that you can keep a memento or portion of the cremains securely inside the jewelry.  One thing that is very special about these types of keepsakes is that you can always feel connected to your dearly departed, and no one else will ever know exactly how much meaning your stainless steel cremation jewelry really carries inside.

One particular piece that has proven very popular at In the Light Urns is the 357 Magnum Pendant Keepsake, which is available in Gold Tip, Plain, Tribal, Cross and Dragon designs.  If your loved one loved bowling, the Bowling Pin keepsake urn in gold or black may be the perfect choice. For pet cremation jewelry visit Pets to Rest. All of our pendants are of a medium weight, and made to last.  The fine details and craftsmanship you will find make a jewelry keepsake a special piece that will give you comfort and hold a special place in your heart for years to come.

While we carry keepsake jewelry in many materials and styles, you will find the stainless steel memorial jewelry to be especially good for those who must be budget minded.  Our products are priced so that no matter what your budget, you can memorialize your loved one in a way that is truly fitting and represents their unique personality and style.  People are unique, and the way they are remembered should be as well.  The way in which survivors process the death of a loved one is unique as well, and each has their own way of dealing with loss.

At In the Light Urns, we realize that this is most likely the hardest time you have ever experienced. We offer our quality products to you in an effort to help ease at least a small portion of your burden, and hope that you will find something that helps ease your pain and seems the perfect memorial keepsake to help you keep your beloved close to heart and mind.